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Sports Nutritionist

Searching For A Sports Nutritionist In Johannesburg?

Strategic Diet & Supplement Plans To Improve Performance & Body Composition


Sports Nutrition Has Grown To Become Very Popular In Recent Years, Craig Has Been Involved as a sports nutritionist Since 2001. He has Also Developed Diets & Supplement Advice For All Sorts Of Athletes From School Level to Professional

  • Anaerobic Power Sports Such As Sprint Athletes And Bodybuilders,
  • To Aerobic Endurance Sports Such As Cycling And Running

If You’re In A Position Where You Would Prefer Not To Use Nutritional Supplements, That Is Okay. Our Diets Are Specifically Designed To Help You Perform At Your Absolute Best, No Matter What Your Chosen Sport Is.

Depending On What Your Goals Are, Whether It Be Attaining A Low Body Fat For A Show Or Improving Your Sports Performance, Everyone Has Different Requirements In Terms Of The Correct Macro Distribution, Food Intolerances, Existing Chronic Conditions And Other Considerations That Are Specific To Each Person.

This Is Why A Good Eating Plan From Nutri-Fit Is Custom Designed And Considers Your Individual Goals, Training Schedule, Competition Dates And Nutritional Assessment.

One Can Easily Get Their Diet Wrong If They Don’t Follow The Correct Advice Which Could Rob You Of Your Full Potential Costing You Placings And Most Of All, Time, Effort And Potentially, Money. You Will Find That Some Dietitians Will Underemphasize The Importance Of Training, While Some Coaches Will Do The Same When Advising You On Diet. We Realize The Importance Of Both Components Working Together And Thus, Nutr-Fit Was Born.

We Are Happy To Serve Anyone With A Specific Sports And Nutrition Orientated Goal In Mind, If You Just Want To Feel Better About Yourself, Go To Gym And Fit Into Your Jeans, That’s Fine. If You’re Preparing For A Bodybuilding Show Or A Big Endurance Race, That’s Ok Too! Contact Our Sports Dietitian For A Free Assessment.

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