Some Tips On How To Lose Weight Quickly

  1. Calculate Your BMI, That’s Your Weight (Kg) Divided By Your (Height x Height)
  2. If Your BMI is 25 Or More, Lower Your Usual Calorie Intake By 300 To 1000 Calories Per Day
  3. Commit To Exercising At Least 5 Days per Week For A Minimum Of  30 Minutes
  4. Exercise First Thing In The Morning On An Empty Stomach
  5. Only Eat Every 5 Hours, Don’t Snack In Between Meals
  6. Eat Whole Foods. No Sugary, processed,Salty And High-Fat Snacks and Beverages
  7. Imagine A Dinner Plate. Make Half Of It Lean Protein, One Quarter vegetables And The Other Quarter Whole-Grain Carbs, Beans Or Lentils
  8. Only Drink Water, Coffee Or Tea

This Is A General Short-Term Weight Loss Strategy. Contact Us For A Custom Designed Diet Plan.

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Strategies & Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

It Helps To Go Back To Basics. Follow These Guidelines On How To Lose Weight…

  1. Eat Smaller Portions Than What You’re Used To
  2. Drink Water Before And During A Meal, As Well As Throughout The Day
  3. Only Eat 3 Times a day, The Same Time Everyday With No Snacking Between meals
  4. Eat 3 Types Of Vegetables (except Potato) And Two Small Pieces Of Fruit Everyday. Change The Types Of Fruit & Veg Regularly
  5. Make Skinless Chicken, Fat-Trimmed Meats, Fish & Egg Whites Central To Your Meal
  6. Limit High-Fat Foods. Choose healthy Fats From Olive Oil, Nuts and Avocado Of 1-2 Small Servings Daily
  7. Avoid High-Fat, Sugary Drinks And Snacks
  8. Limit And Use Salt Sparingly
  9. Eat Slowly

These are very general guidelines that you can use if you are healthy and just need to lose a bit of weight. If you have any chronic health Issues such as diabetes, kidney disease etc. please don’t use these guidelines and rather see a dietitian

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