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We Do What We Do Because We Want To Help People Feel More Confident, Healthier and Happier. A Dietitian Should Motivate You To You Reach Your Goals, And Show You How It Can Be Done In A Healthy Way.

Being Overweight Or Obese Can Be Accompanied By Numerous Physiological, Social And Psychological Problems, Furthermore, There’s An Increased Risk Of Developing Chronic lifestyle diseases Such As Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease And Hypertension.

A Healthy Diet And Exercise Plan (Including Foods To Eat To Lose Weight) from a nutrition expert, Can Reduce The Risk Of Developing These Conditions Or Vastly Improve Quality of Life If You Already Suffer From A Lifestyle Disease.

Services & Pricing

Nutritional Assessment & Consultation

* Per Consultation
  • Do You Just Want Advice? Option Includes A Consultation Plus
  • Nutrition Assessment & Measurements
  • Updated Diet & Measurements If You Already Have A Customised Diet Plan
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Customised Diet Plan

Most Popular Option
  • Includes A Custom Diet Plan Plus
  • Free Nutrition Assessment & Measurements For The First Month
  • Free Basic Exercise Program
  • Ongoing Email Support For 12 Weeks
  • Optional R 425 Monthly Package For Diet Upgrades & Continuing Measurements
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Personal Training Gym Programs

Basic To Competitive Sports Level
  • Includes An Exercise Program Plus
  • Free Consultation & Measurements For The First Month
  • Optional R 325 Monthly For Exercise Program Upgrades & Continuing Measurements
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[nutri-fit] [dietitian in johannebsurg]For a wide range of needs, from those who want to lose weight, to competitive athletes or moms who simply want to secure a healthier lifestyle for their families. Weight loss Specialist Craig Johnston has over 18 years’ experience as a diet expert.

Craig obtained his degree, Cum Laude, majoring in nutrition, helping him to fine-tune his expertise as a dietitian in Johannesburg which he now uses to improve his client’s lifestyles, and Therefore helping them to find the joy of a healthier body and mind.

* Please Note That We Do Not submit payments to medical aid schemes. 

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